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Become a better investor on the go, right in the app Virtuetrustee was built to give everyone the tools of wealth-building. Whether you’re new to investing or planning for your family’s future, we bundle our products, tools, and education into subscription tiers — each curated to meet you on whichever stage of life you’re in.

The process
Automatic Recurring Investments

Set your recurring investments and make a habit out of investing. Try $100 a day.

Automatic Portfolio Rebalancing

We'll adjust your Base portfolio as needed to help keep your allocations on track with your long-term money goals.

Automatic Dividend Reinvesting

If you receive dividends (payouts) from your investments, they are automatically reinvested.

Standards & Safety

As a leading Forex broker, we uphold the highest standards of regulation and compliance. We are also strictly audited and keep all client funds in a segregated trust account, to ensure your money is protected.

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